Pool and Patio
A truly resort style pool area includes ample seating and lounge space around a junior Olympic pool with a child's wading pool covered by a large shade sail. Adjacent is a large patio with covered dining area, grill stations, and casual seating to gather for conversation. Stop by with family, or enjoy some alone time in this spectacular space.

Daily 8a- 9p with access cards during open season April1st October 30th

Rules & Usage
  • No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk; members are responsible for determining the skill level of their children and guests before allowing them to swim without supervision
  • Invited guests limited to 2 per adult member present and must be accompanied at all times; members responsible for informing guests of rules
  • Minors must have parental permission and pass a swim test or be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Baby pool is  for ages 5 or younger with parental supervision at all times
  • The gate to the pool area must always be closed and latched after entering or leaving the pool area in accordance with State Law § 757.004; members may not prop the gate open
  • Notify the clubhouse staff immediately if the pool becomes contaminated
  • Anyone at pool after-hours, or by climbing fences is considered trespassing and subject to suspension and/ or prosecution
  • Please use restrooms in locker rooms connected to Fitness Center
  • Open pool season is April 1- Oct 30 and is subject to change when deemed necessary by the HOA Board
  • While pool is closed in off-season it will be treated for off-season care only
  • The pool may be closed when necessary for maintenance, repairs, or inclement weather
  • No swimming if a person has an infectious disease, fever, diarrhea, cough, ringworm, open wound, or other contagious condition
  • No spitting or blowing water out of nose
  • Only swim diapers designed specifically for the pool are allowed; no disposable diapers
  • No glass, loud music, water balloons, or eating in pool area; please eat in pavilion area and do not leave trash
  • No diving, running, pushing, dunking, bombing, or rough play
  • No pets allowed within pool enclosure, unless service animal; no pets of any kind allowed in pool waters
  • No stones, debris, furniture, trash, or substances of any kind thrown into pools
  • No jumping, standing, or walking on furniture
  • No rollerblades, skates, bikes, skateboards, scooters or wheeled gear allowed inside the pool/patio area

Outdoor Lounge
  • No jumping, standing, walking on furniture
  • Please report stains, tears, or damage to outdoor furniture
  • Keep flammables away from furnishings
  • Clean area after usage and discard all trash in receptacles

Grill Usage
Individuals using this amenity do so at their own risk
Grills must be attended by an adult at all times
Gas tank must be brought and is not provided
  • Should you need assistance or to report unsafe conditions, please contact management
  • No unsupervised children 
  • Clean grates after each use
  • Keep decorations or other ignitable objects away from the grill
  • Ignite gas with grill lid open, never closed
  • Do not overload with fatty meats that can cause flare-ups
  • Water sprayer must be available at all times to extinguish flames
  • Check the surrounding area for flammable debris
  • Clean up all spills and trash
  • It is highly recommended that the following individuals refrain from using equipment:
    • Persons under the influence of alcohol, stimulants, or depressants

Grill Lighting Instructions
  • Inspect grill surface
  • Insert tank in drawer below grill
  • Connect gas line and open valve
  • Turn timer to desired cooking time
  • Close drawer and open grill lid
  • Turn burner knob to ignite
  • Remove tank when finished

Notify the clubhouse manager if any equipment, furnishings, or otherwise are damaged or not functioning properly.

On Site Lifestyle Concierge

After-Hours Emergency Contact:
Property Manager, Penny Evans
(512) 347-3019

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